Christmas Card Personalisation & Information

We offer free digital colour printing inside of the card.

 Choose from eight standard greetings or write your own, add your company name,   add your signatures, print your company logo,  add any further details you may require

For no extra charge, we can print your Company Name, signatures and address in our standard colour(s) in the card. Included in this offer, if you supply the file, we will print your logo in colour. Just tell us on the order form what you want and supply the file as specified below.

Please supply your logo in either .tiff, .jpeg or .eps formats at a high resolution format of at least 300dpi. Freehand or Illustrator vector files with no linked picture files are also acceptable.

Our Standard Colours are:

Christmas card standard digital colours

(All colour printing uses the four colour process.)

If you would like a specific pantone spot colour please ring for a quotation.

Our Cards fall into one of five Price Bands:

  • Band A: Personalised inside the card. Card nos. (155-172). 
  • Band B: Personalised inside the card. Card nos. (1-42 and 95-154).
  • Band C: Digital cards your name incorporated into the design on the front. Card nos. (43-54)
  • Band D: Personalised inside the card in ink and on the front, the default greeting, plus your name in foil. Card nos. (55B-94B).
  • Band E: E-cards which can be personalised with your company name.  Card nos. (E001-E002).

Included FREE of charge:

Choice of typefaces
  • Company logo
  • Free gift
  • PDF proof
  • Signature printing
Self-seal envelopes:

Self-seal easy to use, white envelopes are supplied with all cards.

Free gifts:

A choice of a free gift is dispatched with every order, or alternatively we can make an additional donation to the charity on your behalf.

If you wish to order some cards or require further information, please ring us: 01628 631700 9am - 5pm

Personalisation: (available in all price bands)

  • Choose from different typefaces
  • Write your own greeting
  • Choose from 8 standard greetings
  • Add your company logo
  • Have your signatures stylised or pre-printed

Front Overprinting in ink:

Overprint your company name or logo in ink on the front of certain cards.

Front Overprinting in coloured foil:

Overprint your company name in coloured foils on the front of certain cards. Foils available are Red, Gold, Blue, Green and Silver.