Do you print direct to card or onto paper inserts?

We normally print direct to card but are happy to print on to inserts if you wish. You MUST tell us if you have a specific requirement and this will be confirmed on the proof sent to you.

Can you customise the front of cards?

It is possible to have customise over printed cards, so that, for example, you could have a van on the front printed in red instead of green to match your company colours.

Can I order a card from last years brochure?

It may be possible. We will check to see if we have any left in stock for you and will get back to you.

Can our order be delivered to more than one address?

Yes, cards can be delivered to more than one address. Postage and packing charges will apply to each delivery address that they are to be dispatched to.

Can you foil our logo?

This may be possible, but we will need to see the logo before we can give a definite answer. If you send us a sample and we will get back to you.

Can I mix cards e.g. 50 of one, 50 of another and still pay the 100 rate?

We can group cards together as long as the layout inside or front does not change, i.e. all the cards are in the same price band, all the cards are the same orientation (all landscape, all portrait, all square), front overprint cards can not be done this way as the front would have to change on each card.

We do not provide selections of cards e.g. a single of this card, single one of that, 25 is the minimum number we supply.

Cards can still be grouped if small changes are made, e.g.  two front overprint cards and the position of the company name needs changing. We charge £10 per plate change for this.

Can I have a colour proof sent?

Yes, this should not be a problem. Please let us know this is what you would like.

Can I have my logo printed on the front of a card?

It can be done on some cards, cards that are varnished cannot as the ink does not dry and the textured cards can also sometimes cause a problem. If in doubt just give us a call: 01628 631700.

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When do I need to pay?

After receivine your order we will provide a proof for you. When you have confirmed you are happy with the proof we will we will contact you for payment unless you have already a credit account with us.

Can I select a different charity other than Cancer Research?

It is possible to do this, we can write a sentence in the top of the card where the cancer research logo normally goes saying that money is being donated to "Your Charity". This must be clearly expressed on the order form.

We've spoilt the signature sheet, can you send us a new one?

You can re-sign onto a blank white piece of paper with a black pen, this will suffice. If you have signed it in the wrong orientation then it is not a problem, just send it through as it is and we will rearrange the signatures to make them fit.

Please can you send me a blank order form? (downloadable)

You can photocopy an existing form if you have one, otherwise we can fax or email one through.

Alternatively, you can download an order form by clicking the Order Form button under the Brochure/Prices/Order Form menu tab, or alternatively by clicking here: Download Order Form .PDF

Can you confirm what the delivery time is at present?

We generally say that delivery will be around 10 days from approval of proof unless you need them by a specific date. Please just state any required by dates on the order form. Obviously the closer to Christmas it gets the time scales will be revised.

Please can you email/fax me my layout from last year?

We hold all of the previous years layouts so this is not a problem.

What type of file format do you need my logo in?

File formats for logos (Black & White and Colour) should be .TIFF, .JPEG, .JPG or EPS format at a minimum resolution of 300dpi in order to achieve the best possible print finish.

If you already have a logo available and are satisfied with the quality as it outputs on your desktop printer, then send us that file PLUS a printed sample and we will use that instead.

The printer/designer you use for your business stationery will have the correct file available. Please ask them to email that file directly to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Day-to-day office versions (e.g. Word, Powerpoint, Paint, Publisher or Excel Files) are generally poor quality and are likely to be unacceptable.

Can you check my logo before I place my order?

Yes. Just ask us what you would like us to do. We will be pleased to assist you.

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